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What's Wrong With That Driver Safety Poster in Your Break Room?

Companies wanting safer drivers often do nothing more than cross their fingers and hope that no accidents happen.  Well, sometimes, they say a prayer… and other times, they do the least they can do:  buy a poster and slap it up in the break room. 

Safety posters can have many problems:

1.      Too Many Words – Simply put, most safety posters are more like a novel than a poster – and many people just don’t like to read.

2.      Not memorable – People can only remember about 7 items at a time.  Many safety posters list a dozen or more things for drivers to remember.  Did I mention that many people don’t like to read?

3.      Images for kids – While most poster text is often dry, boring, droning and advanced, the drawings are often primitive, flowery art that don’t grab your drivers’ attention.  Images should illustrate the message - and they should be attractive to an adult.

4.      Wall Flowers – After just 5 days on a wall, your drivers will stop noticing that safety poster.  This means that the poster they didn’t want to read in the first place will fade from memory quickly.

So, how do you engage drivers?  Getting a message in front of them is a great idea, but the message needs to stick.  Here is the thought process behind what offers:

1.      Keep it Brief – Messages should be short and memorable.  As long as they read the headline, they should have an idea of the safety message.

2.      Make the art Match – Drawings should either illustrate the concept or provide some humorous, memorable image that sticks with the viewer.

3.      Repetition, Repetition…You Get The Idea – Weekly or bi-weekly messages should focus on a single concept.  Each month a new message can be focused upon, meaning all of the ideas in those big, clunky posters can be provided in easily-digestible chunks.

4.      Make it Portable – Why place a single poster on a break room wall, when you can put it where it will really be noticed?  Printing out 8.5” x 11” posters allows you to include them with paychecks, paperwork, or even Port-a-Potties; place them above urinals, on the back of bathroom stall doors or any other creative place you can think of. 

4-Posters per Month

Bolster your safety training program with weekly safety posters. Sheets are emailed to your preferred point of contact in PDF format, allowing you to print or email DriverSheets.

Weekly Posters - an excellent foundation to your safety training program
If you have specific needs, we can help you design a safety poster program!

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  • Drivers remember it: Drawings are colorful and engaging
  • Drivers "get it": Messages are short and simple
  • Helps reduce accidents, saving fenders, bumpers and lives
  • Can reduce your insurance premiums and help your CSA score
  • Lessons are remembered: Monthly themes help ensure message retention
  • Bolster your program: We reinforce the safety messages drivers need to remember
  • Foreign language translations available

Make Safety Your Focus

Weekly safety posters keep messages top-of-mind

Get started today with a tried-and-true safety program focusing on driving best practices and basics. Four sheets each month concentrate on:

  •  Pedestrians  •  Basic Personal Safety  •  Backing Safety
  •  Avoiding Rear Collisions  •  Safety Best Practices
  •  Bad Weather  •  Slips, Trips & Falls  •  Railroad Crossings offers two payment options for companies with 100 or fewer drivers. If you have more than 100 drivers, we can send you a free quote.

Custom Programs

Custom safety sign programs help reduce accidents

Fill out our Free Quote form and we'll outline a plan for your specific needs. To meet your company's needs, we can add Spanish or French translations, your logo or custom elements.

Establish a truck driving safety program today

Our Commitment safety sheets are designed to help companies whenever trucks and drivers are involved:

    •   Save Money
    •   Retain Drivers
    •   Improve CSA Scores
    •   Be the Hero

We have designed safety sheets since 2007 and are now making this successful program available to you!

Companies We Serve

    •   Box Trucks
    •   Construction Vehicles
    •   Delivery Trucks
    •   Dump Trucks
    •   Heavy Equipment
    •   School Busses
    •   Step Vans
    •   Tank Trucks (Tankers)
    •   Tow Trucks
    •   Utility Vehicles
    •   Vans
    •   Waste Collection

Waste Management!

We are pleased to say that our contractual obligations with one of the largest waste management companies in the United States have changed and we can now offer Driver Sheets to any waste management company!

Trash collection companies can now benefit from what has been called, "The most powerful, money saving, safety training reinforcement available today!"


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